Why should I read this blog?

This blog is all about providing FREE information to retail investors and traders who are looking to learn about the India stock market. All the information provided will be based on the experience of the owners of Investment Ab Shuru. Please do your own research or contact a financial advisor before investing. 

This blog will not contain basic definitions and concepts which can be easily googled (such as What is a Stock Market?, What is Dividend?, What is NSE/BSE?, etc.). This blog will contain information regarding specific doubts which many investors and traders have during their Stock Market journey.

Who SHOULD read this blog?

  • People who have recently entered the Stock Market and are confused by the behavior of the Stock Market.
  • People who think that Stock Market is “SATTA BAZAAR” and avoid it completely.
  • People who want to build long term wealth.
  • People who want to trade in the Stock Market in a professional manner.

Who SHOULD NOT read this blog?

  • People looking for Stock tips.
  • People looking to become a Crorepati overnight.
  • People not willing to learn.


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Namit Pandey

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